jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

your skin I

Love is an invented language that never will be comprehended
Love is your eyelash stroking my cheek
Love is tickling someone, and someone tickling you
Love is to steal someone's coat in a cold day
Love is to die one million times drowned in a hot chocolate
Love is singing a stupid song in the middle of the street and do not care about the others think
Love is a reciprocal half smile travelling by bus
Love is all the silent moments shared that makes you feel better
Love is when you laugh until your stomach seems to blow up
Love is the old clothes that you steal from your uncle
Love is every night you stay beside me until I fall asleep
Love is when you hug me in the morning before you leave home, and you say to me a lot of things that I never can remember because you know that I am sleeping
Love is when you cry and you look more handsome than ever
Love is when you kiss me in the eye
Love is all the nights watching all kind of films while we eat some sweets
Love is an exotic flavour, an unknown song
Love is a colorful bird flying free
Love is to wake up at three o'clock in the night and see the sun shining
Love is your hair's smell
Love is to touch the soul with the fingertips
Love is your skin...
... on my skin

(and a careless mixture about things that we don't know)

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